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Leonard Cohen, Canadian poet and one of the best musician ever, passed away…


Leonard´s best-known ballad is „Hallelujah“. This song has very special history. Leonard Cohen wrote it in 1984. It is really epic and majestic song, which makes connection between deep religiosity and something else… like NY Times says: „earthiness“. I think, that love is the right word…

I like Cohen version, really… (here is) but I think, that his song was bigger and stronger. Hundreds artists (NY Times says 200, is it possible?) worked with this song. Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Bono and many other singers and musicians. But fairytale of this song is really long.  I mean, that Cohen´s brilliant song „Hallelujah“ was waiting… 25 years. It was waiting for a sixteen-year girl from the UK X Factor Alexandra Burke and really new song´s arrangement. It awakened „Hallelujah“ to new life.

Alexandra with Elton John here. It was magic moment of the song. Cohen´s perfect song and Alexandra had met 25 years after creation, and will never be overcome.

Burke became the first British female solo artist who sell a million copies.

Perfect article about Leonard in New York Times is here.

Some other views here: How Leonard Cohen´s „Hallelujah“ became Everybody´s „Hallelujah“.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallelujah_(Leonard_Cohen_song)



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